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Greenmile's strategic shift for a packaging leader results in 20% more revenue, 12% reduced manpower, and an annual savings of Rs 30 Crores.


3/3/20231 min read

Greenmile's organizational transformation yields a new strategic direction, driving 20% cost-saving, 12% manpower reduction, and an additional revenue of Rs 30 Crores/annum.

The Need: Catalyzing Organizational Transformation

In the dynamic landscape of packaging, a flexible packaging manufacturing company recognized the need for a comprehensive organizational transformation to stay ahead in the market. Seeking to evolve strategically, the company engaged Greenmile to drive a transformative intervention.

Interventions: Full-Fledged HyPE Implementation

Greenmile's intervention unfolded as a full-fledged implementation of the High-Performance Enterprise (HyPE) model. The strategic transformation encompassed:

1. Strategic Consulting to define a new and robust strategic direction.

2. Organizational Restructuring for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

3. Development of a Competency Framework aligning with the company's goals.

4. Training & Handholding to empower the workforce for the forthcoming changes.

5. Process Excellence initiatives to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency.

Financial Triumph: Boosting Revenue and Reducing Costs

The company reaped substantial benefits from the transformative journey facilitated by Greenmile:

• New Strategic Direction: Embracing concentric diversification, the company charted a new strategic direction that added additional revenue of Rs 30 Crores per annum.

• Manpower Reduction: A strategic restructuring led to a 12% reduction in manpower, optimizing resources and enhancing operational efficiency.

• Cost Reduction: Through meticulous process excellence initiatives, the company achieved a remarkable cost reduction of 20%.

Highlight: Empowering Growth Through Strategic Financial Gains

Greenmile's holistic approach not only redefined the organizational landscape but positioned the company for sustainable growth with notable financial benefits. The strategic direction, coupled with streamlined processes and optimized resources, propelled the company to achieve unprecedented success in the competitive packaging industry.

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