Optimal Organization Design

Optimum Organization Design Helps FMCG Company Save 20% Cost and Ensures Efficient Structure.


3/6/20231 min read

Greenmile streamlined the organization design for a new FMCG subsidiary entering nutraceutical manufacturing. The result? A structure aligning with regulatory requirements, Lean management, and a 20% reduction in manpower.

The Need: Setting the Foundation for FMCG Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, a new subsidiary geared for nutraceutical manufacturing required a robust organizational structure. Greenmile was enlisted to create an organizational design that not only adhered to regulatory standards but also embraced Lean management principles.

Interventions: Crafting a Regulatory-Compliant, Lean Structure

Greenmile's team meticulously analyzed the business processes, focusing on establishing an organizational design that adhered to regulatory requirements. This involved crafting an ideal structure, defining job roles, optimizing the number of positions, and creating a competency framework.

ROI: Regulatory Compliance, Efficiency, and Manpower Optimization

The outcome was a well-crafted organizational structure that considered regulatory requirements, Lean management principles, and an optimal span of control. The implementation not only ensured regulatory compliance but also brought about a 20% reduction in manpower, surpassing the client's expectations.

Highlight: Achieving Efficiency Through Structure and Compliance

Greenmile's intervention not only ensured regulatory compliance but also created an environment conducive to Lean management practices. The optimized structure became a catalyst for efficiency, positioning the FMCG subsidiary for success in the competitive nutraceutical manufacturing sector.

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